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Best 420 Sale in Missouri April 20 2024 at Hippos Dispensary


Attention, Missouri! Get ready to mark your calendars because on April 20, 2024, Hippos Dispensaries in Chesterfield, Springfield, and Columbia, Missouri, are hosting a sale you won’t want to miss!

Here’s the lowdown on the deals and doorbusters you can expect:

First 50 Guests Receive a Penny Doorbuster with Minimum $25 Purchase

Hippos Swag:

  • Spend $200 and score any Hippos Tee-Shirt.
  • Splash out $300 and choose from a range of Tee-shirts or Hoodies from Hippos, Sundro, Atta, or Bad Pony.

Deli Ounce Special:

Dive into a mix and match of brands like Illicit, Sundro, Daybreak, and more with a $200 Deli Ounce purchase. $200 Deli Ounce Special Mix and Match with these brands:  

  • Illicit   
  • Sundro  
  • Daybreak  
  • Vertical   
  • White Label Flower   
  • Buoyant Bob
  • The Solid

But wait, there’s more! With the above $200 Oz Special, you’ll also receive Atta gummy rings with each purchase.

Get a $150 Sundro 3.5g Jars*, mix and match Sundro Strains Jars Only

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out these scorching 420 Hippos hot sales:

  • 50% Off* Atta Game Day Vapes, Atta Gummy Rings, AIRO Batteries.
  • 42% Off* Gron, Goodtaste Gummies.
  • 40% Off* Sundro, Bad Pony, Atta Flower, and more!

Here are the top brands, cannabis products and sale details:

50% Off* Atta Game Day Vapes

50% Off* Atta Gummy Rings

50% Off* AIRO Batteries

42% Off* Gron

42% Off* Goodtaste Gummies $11.99 (MSRP – 20.99)

40% Off* Sundro

40% Off* Bad Pony

40% Off* Atta Flower

40% Off* In the Flow

40% Off* Sinse

40% Off* Field Trip

30% Off* Ostara

30% Off* Vivid

30% Off* Gold Rush

30% Off* Nuthera Flower

30% Off* Panda

30% Off* Infinity

30% Off* Illicit

30% Off* Day Break

30% Off* The Solid

30% Off* The Standard Flower and Gummies

25% Off* Amaze

25% Off* Elevate

25% Off* Famer G

25% Off* Vertical Cannabis

20% Off* Wana

20% Off* AIRO Pods

20% Off* Flora Farms

20% Off* High Lovr

20% Off* Marys Medicinals

20% Off* Local Cannabis Flower

20% Off* HotRods

10% Off* Clouds

Smokey River Gummies Buy One Get One for a Penny

Indi Vapes Buy One Get One for a Penny

PinPoint 2 for $60

Fubar/ Bambino/Clouds 10 for $80 Sauce Boss and Diamond Infused, 10 for $150 Jelly roll Infused Prerolls

*While Supplies Last.

So round up your buddies, clear your schedules, and head over to Hippos Dispensaries on April 20th for a day of epic savings and unbeatable deals. See you there!


Hippos, LLC is committed to promoting the powerful benefits of cannabis and related products while also prioritizing sustainability to support current and future generations. Hippos, LLC operates dispensaries in Chesterfield, Columbia and Springfield under the the name “Hippos Marijuana Dispensary;” a cultivation and manufacturing facility under the name “OG Yields;” and has developed brands such as “Sundro,” “Atta”, “Bad Pony” and “Hugs” that are available throughout Missouri for purchase. Hippos is home to the award-winning Brett Hull #16 cannabis strain, and continues to be on the forefront of innovations in concentrate formulations and related technologies. Founded in 2019, Hippos is a recognized champion of patient and adult use access and education initiatives in the state. Stay up-to-date with Hippos at as well as on Instagram, at @hipposcannabis, @attacannabis, @sundrocannabis, @badponycannabis, and @ogyields.

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