Growing the Industry: Q&A with Ben Friedenberg of OG Yields

Missouri’s medical marijuana market is growing. On pace to bring in $200 million in retail sales by the end of 2021, the industry is creating opportunity, growth, and revenue. In a new short-form q&a series, Growing the Industry, Greenway looks to highlight and introduce the individuals behind the plants that the market is built on.


Segment 2 Kelly Chase & Brett Hull Join Us and Steve in Wildwood Holds Court

Kelly Chase and Brett Hull joins us. We are having some issues getting Hull on the phone. Kelly Chase goes after Action Jackson. Chaser gets Hull on, and then Hull goes after Jackson. Moving past the nonsense, Chase and Hull talk about their Medical Marijuana business, Hippos in Chesterfield, helping people use marijuana as opposed to opiates. Chaser and Hull’s thoughts on the Blues this season. Kelly and Brett bring the heat, as they always do. Sleeping positions. Steve in Wildwood joins us to talk about his DFS team. Steve gives great life advice. Steve brings absolute heat. Babysitting. Rearing children.


Chesterfield’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Announces Grand Opening

Hippos Marijuana Dispensary today announced their first retail location in Chesterfield, Missouri is now open. The women-led location is the only operating dispensary in Chesterfield Valley and is the first of three Hippos locations set to open this winter.

Missouri medical marijuana businesses find some tax relief in SB226 passage

Section 280E of the federal tax code has long been a cumbersome adversary for legal marijuana businesses. While federal relief is still yet to become a reality, Missouri legislators passed SB226 this year, offering some respite for businesses in the state.