Q: Where are you located?

A: We have three retail locations. 

Visit us in our beautiful new Chesterfield medical marijuana dispensary or shop online and pick up in-store.

Hippos Chesterfield Open Now

17409 – G Chesterfield Airport Rd. Chesterfield, MO 63005 314-655-4520 

Hippos Springfield is opening this winter. 

2868 S. Glenstone Ave. Springfield, MO 65804

Hippos Columbia is opening this winter. 

2500 Broadway Bluffs Dr. Ste 102 Columbia, MO 65201

Q: What two things does a medical marijuana patient need in order to check-in/ make a purchase at Hippos Marijuana Dispensary?

A: Patients must present a valid Driver’s License and a valid Missouri Medical Marijuana Card at check-in. 

Q: Can any products be tested, tried, consumed, or just opened on Hippos property in the shop or in the parking lot?

A: No product whether it is smokable or edible may be opened or consumed on HIPPOS property which includes the parking lot.

Q: Can store visitors influence a medical patient’s purchase?

A: No visitors inside the store are allowed to influence a medical patients’ marijuana purchase inside the licensed Hippos Marijuana Dispensary.

Q: Can I get help with getting my Medical Marijuana Card application processed or have my doctor’s appointment inside the licensed Hippos marijuana dispensary?

A: No. The state of Missouri does not allow doctors appointments inside a licensed cannabis medical marijuana dispensary. These doctor appointments and consultations must be taken at your home or off-premise, which may include in the patient’s vehicle. No doctor appointments can be done from inside the dispensary. 

Q: I am a patient who prefers a certain product but I have not seen it in your store. Can I bring the empty packaging or actual product into the store to show you what I am looking for?

A: You may bring in a picture of the product and we will do our best to help you locate it or order it for you if possible. Unfortunately, no live product or open empty boxes may be on the sales floor besides Hippos products. No empty containers or boxes of any kind can be shown from a patient to a budtender.

Q: ​​When will my identity be verified?  

A: You will be asked for your valid driver’s license and medical marijuana card both when you check-in and at the point of purchase as you check out with your products. 

Q: I am a patient but I need assistance shopping. Can a patient bring a visitor?

A: Yes, but the assisting visitor must be over the age of 21.

Q: What happens if a patient wants to purchase as a caregiver?

A: The patient who is the caregiver must have their caregiver card, driver’s license, and the same ID of the patient they are caregiving for. No sale can be made unless all 4 cards are present.

Q: How many visitors can a patient bring in with them?

A: The state of Missouri limits Hippos Marijuana Dispensary to allowing one [1] visitor per patient.

Q: What forms of identification are valid?

A: Patients may present a driver’s license, passport, or a paper license from DMV. Unfortunately, the state of Missouri regulations does not allow budtenders or dispensaries to accept pictures on phones as a valid form of ID.

Q: Can children enter as a guest?

A: Unfortunately children are not permitted inside the dispensary. Without proper age-identifying identification, they will be stopped at check-in from going into the dispensary.

Q: I have a medical marijuana card from another state. Does Hippos Marijuana Dispensary accept any other state MMJ cards other than just Missouri’s cards?

A: No cards besides Missouri’s state-issued MMJ cards are valid. Hippos Marijuana Dispensary can’t accept any other state’s medical card for cannabis purchase.

Q: What happens after I check-in as a visitor? What is the visitor experience like the inside of Hippos? 

A: For visitors, upon check-in, your driver’s license will be requested and held the entire time you are visiting and on the dispensary floor. Visitors must sign in to the Hippos visitors log and are also required to wear a visitor lanyard while inside the dispensary.

Q: Can two medical marijuana card patients come in and shop together?

A: Yes, you are welcome to carpool and come into the dispensary with another patient. However, when you each make purchases it will be under two separate transactions. Please be advised that no patient can influence another patient’s medical purchase.

Q: What is the Hippos Insider Loyalty Rewards Program?

A: Patients are welcome to sign up for the Hippos Insider program that offers concierge-like service. We’ll text you deals on products you love and keep you in the know. Click here or visit https://enrollnow.vip/login/3504?location=website to get started earning Hippos rewards today!

Q: Are you hiring?

A: We’re now accepting applications for top talent. If you’re passionate, experienced with cannabis, have retail experience, and want to join a team of awesome people that care about wellness, we’d love to talk to you. At Hippos, we work hard to ensure that every employee feels supported and encouraged. Our team members are passionate about educating patients and the community and providing a premium experience in-store. Email your resume and inquiry to us at info@hipposcannabis.com.

Q: I am a new patient and would like to learn more about medical marijuana cannabis products. Do you have a quick reference cannabis glossary of terms?

A: Yes, please visit our cannabis glossary here or visit https://hipposcannabis.com/glossary/.