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(an easy cannabis-infused recipe)

by Chef Kristopher Nelson, Hippos Chesterfield Assistant Manager 

Note: We recommend you prepare this recipe 48 hours in advance prior to desired consumption.


  • 16 oz Bourbon (minimum) (Chef’s Preference is Buffalo Trace or Maker’s Mark)
  • 3.5 oz of Sundro’s Orange Walker Cannabis (the terpenes in this strain pair well with bourbon’s natural floral notes)
  • Strainer or Cheesecloth
  • Seal Jar/Mason Jar (Chef’s Preference is a Ball canning mason jar) 

Canna Bourbon


  1. Grind and decarb cannabis on baking sheet in over 240 degrees for 45 minutes (same decarb method for making canna-butter, just not adding butter). Learn more about decarbing cannabis here in the Hipppos Cannabis Glossary.
  2. Combine whiskey minimum of 16 oz and decarbed cannabis in a mason jar. 
  3. Agitate (shake lightly) 1-2 times a day for 48 hours (out of the sun).
  4. Strain mason jar contents over a cheesecloth. You should have little to no particles in the strained-infused alcohol. 
  5. The bourbon is now ready to be used for beverages. It’s a perfect addition to Egg Nog, Manhattan, Old Fashion, Boubon & Sodas, etc. 

It is important that you strain your combination from the mason jar and remove all debris before serving. We do not want to serve bud particles in any beverage.

*The potency will increase for each additional 24hours the mixture sits.  

*If you want a stronger bourbon taste, add an additional 24 hours (72 hours total) from the original recipe. 

Serve and Enjoy! 

Consumption Tip: I would always caution do not overdose yourself. You may not feel it after the first bite, or even within the first hour. Onset consumption may last up to six hours. Consume with caution. For the more experienced infused eater, increase your own tolerance level. There is a dosing chart on Elevate Holistics if you have questions. 

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