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L’Orange Kush Crème Float

L’Orange Kush Crème Float

(an easy cannabis-infused recipe)

by Chef Kristopher Nelson, Hippos Chesterfield Assistant Manager 




  1. In tall float glass, line the bottom of the glass with whipped cream and add ice cream. 
  2. Pour a can of orange soda over. Tilt glass & can to reduce the foam & bubbles while pouring. 
  3. Enjoy! 

Pro tip: Use a measuring cup to get properly dose each beverage based on milligrams desired per serving. One can of soda may be divided into multiple micro-dose servings.

Consumption Tip: I would always caution do not overdose yourself. You may not feel it after the first bite, or even within the first hour. Onset consumption may last up to six hours. Consume with caution. For the more experienced infused eater, increase your own tolerance level. There is a dosing chart on Elevate Holistics if you have questions. 

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